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Rotaract Club



Rashtriya Ekta Diwas was celebrated in JIMS, Kalkaji on 31st October, 2018 as a part of the efforts to instill feelings of patriotism and unity among the youth as they go on to become the future of our country.
The day was introduced by the Government of India in 2014 and it is being celebrated for annual commemoration of the birthday of the Iron Man of India- Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The day has been decided to be celebrated as National Unity Day because of the vital role played by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in unification efforts at the time of independence and his undying commitment for the continued unity of the nation.

Discussions were held in each class and students were enlightened about the importance of unity and how can it be upheld in current times.

Food Donation Drive

As per the statistics, more than 15% of India’s population is deprived of nutritious food and is facing a health crisis. In the face of this grave reality, JIMS, Kalkaji - BBA/BCom Rotary club students have undertaken the initiative of feeding the poor in the Kalkaji locality slum area, Sudhar Camp, Kalkaji.

Food Donation Drive was conducted on 20th October 2018, in Kalkaji slum area to feed the poor.  

The volunteers for this drive were :
1. Prateek Joshi
2. Naveen Kumar Tiwari
3. Siddharth Aggarwal
4. Siddharth Yadav


Sapling Planting Program At DDA Park, Kalkaji


The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all, our most pleasing responsibility. ―   Wendell Berry

A sapling planting event was organized by Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji on 17th October, 2018. DDA park, Kalkaji was selected as the location for conducting the planting program.
The event was graced by Dr. B.C. Sabata, Senior Scientific Officer, Department of Environment, Delhi Secretariat and was declared open at 12.00 p.m.

&B.Com. participated in the event and they learnt how to unpack, plant and secure the saplings in ground. Also, students watered the saplings after properly securing them.
Following plants were taken for the planting program-
1. Cactus
2. ‎Tulsi
3. ‎Bryophyllum
4. Periletus
200 saplings were planted in total in clusters in areas of the park identified to be needing plantation.

Following are some glimpses of the program:


Eco Club Activity - Nukkad Natak on Beat Plastic Pollution

The members of Eco Club of JIMS, Kalkaji performed  a  Nukkad Natak (theme play ) on the workshop on Beat Plastic Pollution -Phasing out Single Use Plastic" held at  Delhi Secretariat, on 15th October 2018, The focus was to spread awareness amongst people about the harmful effects of using plastic and persuading them to quit using it .The event started with lighting of lamp by SHRI IMRAN HUSSAIN, MINISTER FOOD SUPPLIES,  ENV. & FOREST AND ELECTIONS,  GOVERNMENT OF NCT  DELHI.The other dignitaries on dias included Spl Secretary Environment Shri SM Ali , Dr Anil Kumar(Director Environment) , Dr GS Sabata (Sr  Scientific Officer) and others. A group of 11 students from JIMS, Kalkaji, performed on the given theme and covered the ill effects of plastic not only on humans but on animals as well.The play was enjoyed by one and all . This initiative of JIMS, Kalkaji was indeed a success as it was also appreciated by Delhi Minister of Environment in his speech. He also encouraged the students to perform more such plays as he said they would be the driving force to change the society and educate them about the disadvantages of plastic.

The play consisted of three  very different stories supporting  the theme . All of the stories were perfectly implemented by our students .Duration of the play was 12 -15 minutes . To appreciate our efforts and motivate the students we were awarded with Khadi bags and pen drives by the  Delhi Minister of Environment.

The event was also very informative as many speakers came up to the dias along with their presentations about eliminating the use of plastic in the society .All of them had a different approach towards making the crowd aware about the ill effects of using plastic.The event was a great learning experience for the students.

Eco Club Activity- Nukkad Natak at MTNL, Perfect Health Mela

The students of the Eco Club of JIMS Kalkaji  participated in the Nukkad Natak at 25th MTNL Perfect Health Mela 2018,  which was held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi. The event was a 5 day event from 23 October 2018 to 27 October 2018 and is hosted by Heart Care Foundation of India wherein  free health check up stalls were also put up for the general public.   The event started at 11 am .  The students participated enthusiastically in the Nukkad Natak and showcased the various environmental issues. Our students won the 3 rd prize and  were awarded with certificate of participation.  



A cleanliness drive was organized by Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji on 4th October, 2018 i.e. Thursday. The drive was conducted in Kalkaji locality as well as some parts of college premises which were found to be littered.
Rotaract Cleanliness ambassadors took rounds in the streets of nearby locality sweeping the littered streets and picking up trash so as to spread awareness about the importance of cleanliness in our daily lives.
Following are some glimpses of the drive:


DONATION DRIVE – By Rotaractors

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference”

An items donation drive was organized by the Roatarct Club of JIMS, Kalkaji on 1st October, 2018. The collection drive was started on 25th September, 2018 and items like clothes, shoes, stationery, books, sanitary napkins etc were collected.
Students and faculty contributed generously to the drive and soon the club was able to collect 5 cartons full of items to be donated. All the items were donated in Sudhaar Camp, a slum settlement in Kalkaji area. Men, Women of all ages and children were happy to receive the items donated with much love.

Some glimpses of the donation drive:





“Ek Kadam Swachhta ki ore”

Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji conducted a cleanliness drive in Kalkaji locality on 14th September, 2018. The drive was conducted as a part of Swachhta Pakhwada fortnight being observed in JIMS, Kalkaji.
Cleanliness ambassadors were appointed from Rotaract Club and they took rounds in the surrounding lanes of Kalkaji cleaning the areas which were littered and collecting all the waste in garbage bags.

Following are some glimpses of the drive:

Elocution Competition

An Intra class Elocution Competition on the topic of “Importance of cleanliness & hygiene”
An intra class elocution competition was held on 11th September 2018. The topic for the competition was “Importance of cleanliness & hygiene”. Three students from each class of B.COM and BBA participated in the competition. All the participants were asked to give speech in front of their classmates on the importance of cleanliness & hygiene. All the concerned class coordinators selected the best speech on the basis of content, presentation style and confidence. The competition was bilingual and participants could either present their ideas in Hindi or in English.
List of Best Speakers from every class-

B. COM I (M)

Durdana Naseer

B. COM I (E)



Abhishek Shankar


Shubham Mann


Surabhhi Sen Gupta and Khushboo Chahar


Mayank Sharma


Rohan Sharma


Karuna Singh and Deeksha Walecha


Sidhant Bansal


Karan Handa


Danny Kapur


Ronakjeet Singh Wadhera


Slogan Writing Contest

A slogan writing contest was organized on 05th September 2017 as a part of the Swachhta Pakhwada. Interested students wrote down the slogans on “Importance of Cleanliness” and it was handed over to the class coordinators.
Following are some glimpses of the slogans submitted:



While observing Swachhta Pakhwada, Rotaract Club of JIMS Kalkaji conducted a litter free campus campaign on 4th September, 2018. The cleanliness ambassadors took rounds to clean the campus to make it litter free and clean.
A team of 14 Rotaractors were appointed as cleanliness ambassadors. Following are their names:

  1. Atishaya Khanna (BBA III E)
  2. Kshitija Kaushik (BBA III E)
  3. Surabhhi Sen Gupta (B.Com. V M)
  4. Ameen Ahmad (B.Com. V M)
  5. Tarushi (BBA V E)
  6. Dipesh Tuteja (BBA V E)
  7. Shivil Mullick (BBA V E)
  8. Siddharth Yadav (B.Com. V E)
  9. Naveen Kumar Tiwari (B.Com. V E)
  10. Avichal Saini (B.Com. V E)
  11. Raman Singh Chauhan (B.Com. V E)
  12. Naman Papreja (B.Com. V E)
  13. Prateek Joshi (B.Com. V E)
  14. Aayush Dhamija (BBA I M)

Papers and wrappers were picked up from the classrooms and thrown into the dustbin. Canteen was found as the most littered area but it was considerably clean as compared to past drives, it was cleaned with the help of the house-keeping staff. In addition to this, computer labs, faculty rooms and library were also checker for littering.

Following are some glimpses of the campaign:



Workshop at KV Badarpur

Rotaract club of JIMS Kalkaji in collaboration with Rotary Club of Delhi Nirvana conducted a workshop on 27th August 2018 at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Badarpur with full enthusiasm.
Mr. Manpreet Singh, Advisory member Aam Admi Party & Former President Deshbandhu College and RJ at 91.1 FM - Ginnie were the Chief Guests for the day. Mrs. Manvi Gupta, better half of the Hon'ble Chairman of JIMS Kalkaji Dr. Amit Gupta, graced the occasion with her benign presence. Together all the guests inaugurated the sanitary napkins vending machine installed in the school. Also as a part of the ongoing green initiative by JIMS, Kalkaji 100 saplings were planted in total.
JIMS Kalkaji Rotaractors were appreciated for their hardwork and dedication by creating awareness about the hygiene issues faced by most of the women in the country.



Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji observed the Independence Day celebrations on its eve (on 14th August, 2018) with full enthusiasm as a poster making competition was held and a comments board was erected in the canteen area for dropping opinion on the meaning of freedom.

The poster making competition saw participation from 1st year and 2nd year B.Com and BBA students. The poster was to submitted on an A3 size sheet, completed in one hour of time limit. Students were asked to bring about an abstraction of the Independence Day which they did beautifully and the entry submitted by Jasveen Kaur from BBA III M was declared as the winning entry.

Alongside the poster making competition, a comments board was also erected in the canteen area to ask for opinion on what freedom means to a young individual. The comments board received an overwhelming response and in no matter of time the whole board was filled up with what the students had to say in response to the question asked from them.

Apart from the scheduled events, students and faculties came beautifully attired in tricolor themed clothes and it was a splendid sight to watch the youth being so enthusiastic and patriotic on this occasion.


New Wings to Rotaract Club

Rotary club of Delhi Nirvana, sponsoring Rotary club for Rotaract club of Jagannath International Management School, held it's formal installation ceremony on 4th August, 2018 to kickstart the Rotaract year 2018-19 with it's new team of office bearers lead by Rtn. Piyush Jain as the President. The ceremony was held in the fashion of a masquerade ball.
Rotaract club of Jagannath International Management School was also formally installed on the same day with it's team for 2018-19. Presidentship has been taken over by Tarushi from Ruchi Shrivastava, the incumbent who held the office for year 2017-18.

Secretaryship has been awarded to Atishya Khanna as Aman Rashmi has been promoted to become the Vice President for 2018-19 after vacating the secretary's office which he held in the immediately preceding Rotaract year.



A workshop on road safety was conducted for BBA & B.Com. students on 27th March, 2018 to educate students about road safety and to spread awareness about how accidents can prevented. The workshop was started with a self assessment exercise where students were asked to check the boxes against some statements judging their driving sense and road safety awareness after which Mr. Ashish Beergi (Co-founder & CEO, MASH Project Foundation), principal resource person for the workshop had a video and presentation played to steer an interactive session on road safety for the students.
A facebook competition was also announced, whereby the students had to post a picture of the ongoing session with a creative caption and the hashtag #makeroadssafer. Udisha Chaudhary of B.Com. IV E won the prize at the conclusion for the most creative caption.
Highlights of the workshop were the quiz and also the theme play (performed by Asmita Theatre Group) which left the whole audience struck with the never-seen-before stellar performance. All in all the session was very informative and it served the set objective well.

Following are some glimpses of the workshop:




Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji organised a recycled products fair on 19th March, 2018 to spread awareness about the acronym “3Rs”.

The products put up in the exhibition-cum-fair were made by BBA and B.Com. (H) students. The fair saw faculty, students and staff inquiring about the products as to what kind of raw materials and process has been used. On the other hand, students showed exemplary negotiation and entrepreneurial skills as they tried to promote sales.
There were certain products which were specially praised by one and all- Key ring made of pressed useless paper, exquisite chime hanging, pen stands made out of pet bottles etc. It was interesting to see how students had used same raw material and same process to make things so different from each other.
All in all, the fair was an eye pleaser and it gave a chance to the students to showcase their skills and business sense.
Following are some glimpses of the fair:



A quiz was conducted on women’s day on 8th March 2018 in the campus to enlighten the students about contribution of women to the world. Every class was divided into 4, 3 or 2 teams led by one representative each (each team comprised of one row). There were four rounds in all:

  1. General Round- To test general awareness regarding International Women’s Day

Untimed, with no penalty

  1. Timed Round- Guess the personality through their achievements

Time restriction for each team to answer the question

  1. Achievements Round- Narrate the achievements of the given women leading ladies

Passing the question allowed

  1. Guessing the Quote Round- Guessing the personality who said the given quote

Penalty Round
Students participated with great vigour and zeal in the quiz and it was evident that students already had quite a bit of knowledge about the subject being talked about.
Following are the students who coordinated the quiz from each class:

  1. BBA II M- Ishan, Samriddh

  2. BBA II E- Atishya, Kritika

  3. B.Com II M- Abhishek, HImanshu

  4. B.Com. II E- Rabnoor, SHubham Mann

  5. BBA IV M- Gouri, Danny

  6. BBA IV E- Aman, Tarushi

  7. B.Com. IV E- Siddharth Yadav & Prateek Joshi

  8. BBA VI M- Vashundhara, Rishabh Rawat

  9. BBA VI E- Daniyal, Ruchi

  10. B.Com. VI M- Naman, Aditya

  11. B.Com. VI E- Ravneet, Dheer



Tree Plantation

A tree plantation drive was organized on 20th Feb, 2018 by Rotaract club, under the supervision of Programme Director BBA Prof.(Dr.) Rashmi Bhatia and Faculty members Ms Ashima Saxena and Ms Arushee Grover. Students of Rotaract club participated enthusiastically and saplings were planted in garden of JIMS Kalkaji. Students also pledged to take care of the saplings planted.
Following are some glimpses of the activity-


"Loss of Vision need not be restricted to a term called 'disability', but just a diagnosis"

A Visit to Blind School

BBA/BCom-H Rotaractors celebrated Lohri and Makar Sankranti with visually-impaired students of Blind School,lajpat nagar.

Spending quality time  with them was nothing short of Inspirational.



Vigilance Awareness Week
Vigilance awareness week was observed in JIMS Kalkaji from 30 October, 2017 to 4 November, 2017 with the theme "My Vision-Corruption Free India". The event was organized to instill the value system and to create awareness among the youth about importance of high moral values and strong character.  The week started with “Integrity Pledge” in which all students stood together for aiming at nation’s prosperity.

Also a number of other events such as Group Discussion on “Ill Effects of Corruption” were conducted for inculcating greater awareness on corruption and anti-corruption measures.

A guest lecture was held on 03.11.17 by the team of NBCC.  The students actively participated in this national endeavour against corruption.

A panel discussion was organised in Auditorium of JIMS Kalkaji, on 4th November 2017 on the topic 'Towards a path of   Corruption Free Society' as a part of Vigilance Awareness Week. The students were divided into groups of four students each. The students expressed their views with live examples on political, religion and sports corruption. They suggested various measures to eradicate corruption. The moderator, Mrs Sheila Bhargava from Expo Mart, New Delhi concluded the panel discussion with a message to uproot corruption from the society.

The students also played Nukkad Natak in the Sant Nagar and Kalkaji area to create the awareness for corruption free society.


Raising awareness about the ills of alcohol and drugs consumption

A Nukkad Natak under the guidance of Dr. Rashmi Bhatia, Programme Director (BBA) and Faculty Coordinators, Ms Arushi, Ms Jasleen Rana, and Ms Ashima Saxena, was organized by Rotaract Club of JIMS, Kalkaji on 3 rd November, 2017 to raise awareness about the ills of alcohol and drug abuse. The Rotaractors wearing black kurtas and red dupattas spread out in the gullies of Sudhaar Camp calling out people to come and witness the visual representation of what plagues their day to day lives. People of all ages gathered around the Rotaractors who gave a moving performance while interacting with the crowd through rhythmic couplets.



A Diwali stall was setup by HCRA (Handicapped Children’s Rehabilitation Association) on 13th October, 2017 near the canteen area.This stall was an exhibition of many handmade items like diyas, candles, jute items, show pieces, decorative items, accessories etc. made by handicapped children. This stall was coordinated by BBA/Bcom Rotaract Club.

Old items collection drive was started in JIMS, Kalkaji on 27th September, 2017. All the students were called in to donate old clothes, stationery, books, toys etc. Rotaractors also motivated their fellow classmates to contribute to the noble cause and they were successful in collecting four cartons full of items. The items were donated in Sudhar Camp area (a slum area in Kalkaji locality) on 3rd October, 2017 where a team of ten students were sent to spread smiles and happiness. Students were accompanied by Ms. Arushee Grover.


Sapling plantation was done by students of BBA and Bcom Students on 7th April 2017. Students also prepared stuff like jewellery box, pen stand, paper weight and decorative items from waste material.

Road safety pledge and poster making

Road safety pledge and poster making activity was conducted in all the classes on 12th and 13th April, 2017. Students of BBA and Bcom (H) participated enthusiastically in this activity.

Winter Clothes distribution

Winter Clothes distribution activity was organised by the JIMS Rotaract Club on 27th February, 2017. BBA/BCOM students visited Sudhar Camp, Slum area in Kalkaji and distributed winter clothes.

Swachhta and Rashtriya Ekta Week

Swachhta and Rashtriya Ekta Week ("Swachhta Paghwada") was conducted in the institute from 7th-10th November, 2016 as per the directions of GGSIP University and UGC.

On 7th November Swachhta Pledge and Rashtriya Ekta Pledge were taken by the students of both BBA and Bcom programme.

A group discussion on "Importance of cleanliness" was conducted by the students on 8th Novermber, 2016

A cleanliness drive was done by the students of BBA and Bcom by taking rounds in and around the institute and ensuring that the campus is litter-free.





Guest Lecture by Dr. Karuna

A guest lecture was conducted on 27th Sep,16 for BBA(I)(M), BBA(III)(E) ,B.COM(I)(M) and the members of the JIMS rotaract committee.

Dr. Karuna was the guest speaker.She is MBBS, DNB(ENT) specialist and currently working with Hindu Rao Hospital.She talked about the importance of Health, Nutrition and Fitness.

Her lecture also provided recommendations that need to be implemented in our daily diet.he students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive session that lasted for an hour.


Visit to the Institution for Blind at Amar colony, New Delhi

JIMS Kalkaji Rotaract Club in association with Rotary Nirvana organised a visit to the Institution for Blind at Amar colony, Lajpat Nagar on 28th September, 2016. The Chairman of JIMS, Dr. Amit Gupta visited the school along with students from BBA and Bcom and two faculties of the Rotaract Committee Ms. Jasleen Rana and Ms. Deeksha Suneja.





Blood Donation Camp

"The Blood You Donate Gives Someone Another Chance At Life. One Day That Someone May Be A Close Relative, A Friend, A Loved One—Or Even"

Like every year JIMS Kalkaji organised a blood donation camp as a social activity on 9th September, 2016. It was a huge success as many students came forward to donate blood and help people save lives. 



Cleanliness Drive

Cleanliness drive was conducted by Rotaract Club, JIMS Kalkaji under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 24th August,16.

There were 30 students from BBA and B.COM(H). The drive was started from the college. Students cleaned the road which is outside the college and then the road in front of morning choice; then we took a right turn and cleaned the whole area in front of the park covering 3 roads.
Students participated with great enthusiasm and did a great work.

The drive was for an hour started at 12:00 p.m and ended at 1:00 p.m.

This activity was done under the supervision of Ms. Deeksha Suneja and Ms. Jasleen Rana.





A visit to an Orphanage!

As a part of Rotoract club acivity. Our BBA & BCOM students paid visit to an orphanage on 17th August. That orphanage is run by Asha Foundation under the name “Ashran”, which was established in the year 1998. There were around 25 orphaned kids who were aged below 15 years of age and majority of them were infants. Few of the kids were handicapped, hearing impaired and mentally challenged as well. There were few kids who were hospitalized too for being anemic and due to other medical problems. Ms. Anu was the coordinator over there and she told us about the kids, their life, how they had been rescued, from where they are getting donations etc. As a part of social activity, we spared worthwhile time with the kids and they soon mingled with us. Our students helped them to make drawings. We also celebrated Rakhi with them and taught them the relevance of celebrating it. To these kids we managed to donate notebooks, lunch boxes, pencil kits and accessories, drawing books, clothes, cookies and many other eatables. Unfortunately, although our donation helps, it really is just the tip of the iceberg. These kids have a huge uphill struggle ahead of them. But, yes our such small contributions can just help these kids in a bigger way.


Cleanliness drive by Rotaract Club

Cleanliness drive was conducted in Kalkaji locality by Rotaract club of JIMS Kalkaji on 25th August, 2015



Fair of Recycled Products

A display fair of Recycled products prepared by BBA VI semester students was organized on 23rd April, 2015. Various products like baskets, photo frames, jewellery boxes, greeting cards were put on display in this fair.

Cleanliness Drive by BBA IInd Semester Students

A cleanliness drive was organized on 21st April, 2015 under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by JIMS, Kalkaji, by BBA students during which the road outside college was cleaned by students with full enthusiasm.

Tree Plantation by BBA Students

A tree plantation drive was organized on 20th April, 2015 by BBA students, under the supervision of HOD  BBA Prof.(Dr.) Rashmi Bhatia and BBA Faculty Ms Shradha Goyal. Students of BBA IInd & IVth Semester participated enthusiastically and around 20 saplings were planted in garden of JIMS.




Prestigious award by "ROUND TABLE INDIA" for JIMS CSR Initiatives for contributing generously towards building schools by Freedom through Education

JIMS Kalkaji since its inception has been renowned for the myriads of CSR initiatives it has taken to promote social welfare and health development of the underprivileged and weaker sections of Society. The projects and schemes executed by it in the past two decades in areas of education, healthcare, skills development etc. have contributed significantly in enhancing the quality of life of poor and needy children, women and youth, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

As a result of its collaboration with Round Table India, a number of projects have been executed. These include funding of school construction with Samarth Shiksa Samiti under FTE Scheme, empowerment of women under Project Kamaarth wherein slum women were imparted training in tailoring and computer skills, go-green projects involving planting of thousands of saplings in South Delhi parks, blood donation camps, free healthcare clinics in collaboration with Venu Eye Hospital etc.

Recently on 7th February 2015 JIMS donated sum of Rs. 15 lakh towards construction of new academic blocks of 3 new schools in Delhi, Rajashan and Punjab, these schools will help nearly 2100 students in getting primary education under RTE."

A flagship activity has been the adoption of 08 Ekal Vidyalayas in remote villages of Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. This project was inspired by principles of Swami Vivekananda – 'One Teacher Schools'. The project was undertaken in partnership with the Bhartiya Lok Parishad Samiti (BLPS).

Commenting on our CSR successes, JIMS Chairman, Dr. Amit Gupta stated:
"JIMS takes its corporate social responsibility very seriously with focus areas as Community Outreach, Education & Skill Development and Sustainability

Blood Donation Camp 2014

Working towards social cause, a blood donation camp was organized on September 1, 2014 by JIMS, Kalkaji in association with Rotary Blood Bank and Rotary Nirvana. The students as well as faculty members actively participated in the event and made it a great success.

jims blood donation 1  jims blood donation2

JIMS Grand CSR Initiatives

JIMS has over a period of time achieved considerable renown in academic and industry circles for the impressive CSR initiatives it has undertaken to improve the quality of life of thousands of poor, needy and underprivileged members of our Society. These initiatives have largely been taken in areas of Health, Education Employment, Child Nutrition, Skills training to Woman and Youth etc.

A grand initiative recently undertaken by our Chairman, Dr. Amit Gupta, a prominent Social Entrepreneur, was to adopt eight (08) EKAL schools which would provide primary education to hundreds of children in the remote villages of India. An impressive Ceremony to mark the occasion was held in our auditorium on 28 Nov 2013 wherein a cheque of Rs. 16 lakhs was presented to Prof. Meena Srivastava who has spearheaded the EKAL Vidyalaya Programme on behalf of the Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad.

Our campus has also commenced an important programme regarding adoption of orphanages in the Delhi-NCR region. Cash and material aid will be provided to educate, clothe and nourish these needy children.

 Kudos to JIMS for the very many altruistic initiatives it undertakes as a part of its mission to improve the quality of life of members of our Society!

Top Management College JIMS Kalkaji Joins hands with Ekal Foundation   Top B.Com(H) College adopts ekal Schools

Best bba College invites ekal foundation   best bba college in delhi presents cheque to exal foundation



Rotaract Club of Jagannath International Management School

The Rotaract Club of the Jagannath International Management School was established in 2012. JIMS Rotaract Club is a service club for the young students of our college.

The objective of our Club is to provide our young College students with opportunities to foster leadership and responsible citizenship, and to promote international peace and understanding.

Rotaract stands for Rotary in action.

Following are the details of the projects undertaken by the Clubsince inception:



Vocational classes (free of cost) of beautician training were held to train the females of underprivileged category around Kalkaji area. These classes were held in the basement of the campus in the month of August, 2013. This initiative has been taken in order to equip the females with the basic skills in the respective category to earn a livelihood.



A Blood donation camp was organized at Kalkaji Campus in association with the Rotary Blood Bank on 23rd October, 2013. The camp was a great success as around 169 students participated in it and each donated 500 ml of blood. On completion of the event, students were given refreshment and were awarded certificates and complimentary gifts by the Rotary Club Management.


The ROTRACT CLUB got a rare opportunity to participate enthusiastically in the 'Run for Children' on the occasion of Children's Day at Chanakya Puri on Thursday, 14th November 2013. The marathon was of 4.5 km starting & ending at Nehru Park, Vinay Marg, Chanakyapuri. It was a great success as 101 students participated in this Marathon. Each interactor got caps, refreshments, certificate of participation apart from running with prominent celebrities. This was also a LIMCA BOOK record made on that day for the largest marathon of the children in the world on 14 November 2013.


A Blood donation camp was organized at Kalkaji Campus in association with the Rotary Blood Bank on 5th November, 2012. The camp was a great success as around 150 students participated in it and each donated 500 ml of blood. On completion of the event, students were given refreshment and were awarded certificates by the Rotary Club Management.


The women of EWS category from the slums of Kalkaji and Govindpuri are being provided an opportunity to learn sewing and tailoring in our campus. Women in batches of 12 learn sewing and tailoring during a 3 months course in this ongoing programme.
It is expected that after learning sewing and tailoring, these women would become self sufficient and would be able to supplement their family income by stitching clothes in their respective neighborhoods.


A Cleanliness and Plantation project called”Clean Delhi Green Delhi” pertaining to cleanliness of the  campus adjoining areas and planting of saplings was organized on 21th Nov 2012.

This was to sensitize the young minds about environmental cleanliness and self hygiene.

The members took the initiative to clean areas around the campus. Saplings were planted in and around our campus as well as in the two schools of Mahipalpur and Masoodpur where children were got admitted a few  months back.


JIMS Kalkaji Rotaract club organised Woolen cloths donation camp on 29th and 30th Nov 2012. The generous donation  were collected in the JIMS Kalkaji campus and distributed to the families of weaker section before the onset of winters.

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