Director's Message

Dear Students,
Welcome to JIMS for a unique and exciting period of learning! JIMS Delhi is recognized nationally for its innovative and holistic approaches to higher education in the 21st Century. The mission of JIMS, management college in Delhi is to prepare students to become critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible global leaders by providing an academically- challenging, values- based Curriculum. At JIMS we strive for excellence in pedagogy through innovative and collaborative teaching-learning practices. These pedagogies comprise a blend of lectures, case study, projects, and simulations apart from workshops, seminars and conference. JIMS Institute provides a truly high tech learning environment with smart classrooms, automated Library and modern computer labs. The opportunities for the development of MBA students are immense as apart from professional excellence, we focus on honing their overall personality through soft skills training. Once again best wishes to all of you for a rich, happy and eventful two years of learning at JIMS!

Dr. Anuj Verma