Chairman's Message

The Institute was founded in 1997 with a clear vision and purpose. It was envisioned that in the foreseeable future its would evolve into a world class business school recognized for its commitment to high powered quality education and research. We also committed ourselves to developing outstanding professionals and entrepreneurs who exemplify humanistic values, are socially responsible stewards and create and disseminate practitioner-oriented knowledge that will uplift society.

The current global economic slowdown is driving India Inc. to rethink strategy, reassess agendas and revisit several of the long-standing rules of the game. Leadership is being stretched for direction and results; management is being tested for fortitude and having a balanced head-on-shoulders approach to keep the momentum going. As the business world gets more complex B-School recruits will need to be equipped with new skills-sets, innovative ideas and a heightened mental toughness to sail through the current corporate turbulence.

In order to keep pace with the velocity of change and thrive in an uncertain environment our management school has already shifted gears to a mode of mastering change. It has launched several strategic initiatives both at the macro and micro levels t o ensure that student’s overall development is in tune with the present demands and expectations of industry. Our strategic focus in future will address areas of curriculum design, mentoring and live projects, advanced statistical software training, international summer internships, soft skills, stress coping and EI learning. These initiatives will focus on developing student competencies in dealing with global complexity, emerging technologies and change, and social and cultural diversity. I am confident that our “high value adding” initiatives will help create tomorrow’s skilled leaders as value is all about upskilling individuals and contributing to business results.

Dr. Amit Gupta